Information For Coach Tours

With changes to coach parking at Eilean Donan Castle, we have had increasing numbers of requests about whether we can accomodate larger coach tours. This is a dedicated page to answer some questions and make a few special requests to drivers and guides.

Do we accept coach parties?

Yes - smaller tours and mini buses can easily be accomodated, but have a few small requests for anyone bringing in a large tour group.

We know that tours are operate on a schedule, and are under some time pressure. The shop is run by just the two of us and, although we are fast and efficient, we will always prioritise quality over speed. Please allow enough time for your passengers to be served with the same attention we provide for all our customers.

Do we need to give you advance notice?

Booking a visit in advance is not necessary but is helpful to know if you are bringing a large party. If you plan on visiting regularly your schedule would be helpful to us. You can call us on 01599 555 221. At busy times we may not be able to pick up so please leave a message.

Please note - in future advance notice may be required by all large tour groups, so please check back.


Mini buses are welcome to use the car park if space is available.

There have been several accidents involving large coaches, and several thousand pounds worth of damage to our property and other vehicles. In a previous year there was significant damage to our entranceway and main signage resulting in loss of trade. This was not resolved by the travel company’s insurers for eight months.

For this reason, large coaches are not permitted to use our car park for reversing, turning or parking. Most of the major tour operators have been advised of this by email and should have passed the information onto you. If this is not the case please let us know.

The public car park can accomodate larger vehicles but gets very congested at peak times. Please ensure you have enough room to turn and can ensure a safe exit without using our entranceway for reversing.

Thank you!