All The Goodness FAQ's

Do you have seating in your coffee shop?

We are a coffee takeaway and sweet bakery rather than a cafe so there is no indoor seating. You are welcome to stay inside and enjoy your coffee and cake at one of the espresso bars looking out to Dornie. There are also some outdoor benches, where you can admire the views across the loch to Eilean Donan Castle.

Do you serve breakfast or lunch?

In our bakery we specialise in sweet baked goods and do not offer savoury items.

Although you won’t find a traditional Scottish breakfast, we do have pastries on a Friday morning - usually crisp apple galettes with our homemade almond frangipani, and pastries filled with homemade vanilla custard and fruit. On a Saturday and Sunday we make our famous Sticky Buns. If you come early, you can enjoy your baked goods still warm from the oven.

It goes without saying that we can set you up with your caffeine fix - whether it’s a latte, flat white, cappuccino, espresso or macchiato.

Are you dog friendly?

Yes, we love dogs! Your canine companion is welcome to join you in the shop. Our doggy customers receive a complimentary homemade dog biscuit - please ask if you would like one - and we can provide a bowl of fresh water on request.

Do you accept coach parties?

If you are a tour guide, you are most welcome to bring your customers to visit. There is more information here. As our car parking area is not designed for large vehicles, we ask that you use the coach parking area at Dornie Hall.

Why don't you allow coaches to turn in your entrance?

coach destruction

Does your bakery have gluten free options?

We usually have two or three options in our bakery made without gluten-containing ingredients. This typically includes our popular almondies and coconut macaroons. For the widest selection, please visit early as stocks can run low.

Please note that all our baked goods are made in the same kitchen so while we take every care to ensure there is no cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee our products are 100% gluten-free.

Do you have vegan options in your bakery and coffee shop?

A range of vegan milk alternatives for coffee, and vegan hot chocolate options are available. Most of our baking contains butter, eggs, cream and/or other dairy products. Our popular Energy Balls with cocoa, espresso and hazelnut are vegan.

Although we usually only have one or two vegan options, they are made with all-natural ingredients like coconut flour and nut butter (we never use margarine or other synthetic vegan alternatives).

Do you cater for allergies?

We use wheat, dairy, nuts, sesame, and other potential allergens in our bakeshop kitchen. Some of the ingredients we use in our baking and some of the hot chocolates we serve are labelled as containing traces of gluten, nuts and/or dairy.

If you have an allergy or intolerance please ask us and we will do our best to advise.

Why are you open only three days a week?

Our coffee and bakeshop is run by two of us. There is a lot of preparation behind the scenes and we bake everything from scratch. So that it is sustainable and we can continue to offer high quality baking and great service we open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Are you on the NC500?

We're not on the official NC500 route. However, many people who are touring the NC500 take the 21 mile detour from Lochcarron to Dornie in order to pick up some tasty goodies to enjoy on the rest of their trip!